LANARK Wallcovering Product Use Advisory

This product is intended for use in buildings designed and maintained to avoid moisture accumulation on or within walls, particularly in warm, humid climates.The features that make vinyl wallcovering cleanable and durable also render it very low in permeability.

Vinyl wallcovering products should not be installed on walls that contain excessive moisture infiltration. If mold or mildew is present, or if walls show moisture damage or have excess moisture content, do not proceed with installation. Moisture infiltration and water vapor in and behind the wall must be eliminated for proper performance.

Processes that increase permeability, including microventing, should be considered for use under certain conditions. In addition, the use of a mildew inhibitor in the primer and adhesive is highly recommended. Primers and adhesives with the highest possible permeability rating are also highly recommended.

After installation, the walls and wallcovering should be monitored for potential moisture or water vapor infiltration and accumulation. Any such infiltration or accumulation after installation must be promptly eliminated.